1 Ağustos 2016 Pazartesi

A New Adventure - The Alpine Challenge, Victoria, Australia

I like reasonable people who keep their feet on the ground in their comfort zone, who take less risks and make less mistakes. I appreciate them, but clearly i am not one of them. In some way, i am addicted to experiencing new adventures no matter how hard or crazy they may sound. Besides, I have always wanted to live abroad for some time. So, now there's little time left before I start living my new adventure, Sydney. Therefore, if i am about to start living in Australia, what comes first, i mean before finding a job, a place to live in, a car to hire, some friends who can help? The answer is ;) a new ultra-marathon to join!!! So, welcome to my world :)  

Yes, after some searching done, i came across "The Alpine Challenge". More will be here soon :)

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