17 Şubat 2016 Çarşamba


Hello world :)

This blog has been written in order to witness the eerie, bizarre and equally mind boggling?! process of me helplessly trying to prepare for a couple of ultramarathons. I have read several blogs, most of them written by professionals, and i have wondered how it would be to read a blog written by a newbie having gone under the whole process. Therefore, i am planning to write as things happen until i have finished or survived the third and last race i plan to join this year.

So, i am planning to run three ultramarathons this year??!!?? Have i run one before? If not counting the 46k one that i and my friend completed with more chatting than running for about 9 hours, no i have not:))) I am a computer engineer and a PhD candidate, which together assure that i spend at least 10 hours daily sitting on my butt :))

So one would first ask where that courage comes from remembering that there is a thin line between courage and insanity. Mine may look closer to insanity for now. But my inner voice tells me "keep going, you are on the correct path". I may have to silence that voice for good soon :)

Another issue is the U-curve of courage vs. experience through which i am having fun sliding :))
In addition, I have bursitis and plica syndrome on my knees, my faithful companions!

So, let's put all the hesitations aside for a while and have a look at the races on mind.

1) İznik, 50k, April 16th
2) Armstrong Redwoods, CA, USA, 50k, May 7th
3) NUTS Pallas, Finland, 55k, July 16th

That's all for now.
More will be here soon.

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